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The Jasmund National Park Society was founded at March 7th 1991 in Sassnitz/Island of Rügen (Germany) with the aim of supporting the development of the Jasmund National Park, to protect the Stubnitz landscape and to develope forms of tourism consistent with the ecology of the area.


Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Nationalparkes Jasmund e.V

PF 34, 18540 Sassnitz, Germany


President         : Helmut Kirschke, Karl-Liebknecht-Ring 2/3, 18546 Sassnitz

Vice-President: Dr. Bodo Noack, Arkonastraße 3, 18528 Bergen

Statute of the society (German)

Current projects of the Society:

Old open-cast chalk mine Gummanz / Museum of Chalk (German)

House of the National Park (in cooperation with the WWF, the City of Sassnitz and the National Park Office) (German)


National Park booklet (German)

Chalk booklet (German)

Amber booklet (German)

Here are some german articles from the Journal of the Society available:

Journal Nr. 1       Journal Nr. 2      Journal Nr. 3

Journal Nr. 4      Journal Nr. 5      Journal Nr. 6

Journal Nr. 7       Journal  Nr. 8     Journal Nr. 9

Journal Nr. 10     Journal Nr. 11      Journal Nr. 12

Journal Nr. 13     Journal Nr. 14

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