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12489 Berlin
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Unter den Linden 6
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I am researcher (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at Humboldt Universität and part of the group of  Algebraic Geometry in the
Institut für Mathematik.  My research interests are the geometry of moduli space of vector bundles on algebraic curves, Brill-Noether
theory, Abelian and Prym varieties and K3 surfaces.
I am member of the research project SFB 647 "Raum-Zeit-Materie", the International Research Training Group GK1800 "Moduli and Automorphic Forms" 
and part of the postdoc faculty of the Berlin Mathematical School BMS.
We organized a conference on Moduli and Automorphic Forms at Humboldt Universität on May 22-24,  2014.

I am attending a worshop on Algebraic Geometry in Beijing

I am attending the conference on K3 surfaces in Schiermonnikoog  (May 4-9,  2014).

My  CV  in .pdf format.

Publications and preprints


In Winter Semester  2014/2015   I'm teaching the undergraduate course Algebra II.

During the Summer semester 2014   I taught I'm teaching the BMS course Representation Theory and in
the Winter semester 2013/2014  the graduate course Intersection Theory.   

Sprechstunden:  nach Vereinbarung


Slides of my "habilitation" talk   (Habilitationsvotrag)  "Khovanov Homology"  (23.012013).

Slides of  my talk "Abelian varieties and their moduli" given at the BMS Days (18.02.2013).


Conference on K3 surfaces

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